Membership Type

Benefits of Voting rights members

  • rThe voting rights members comprises of the executive committee and shall have the control and management of the business and affairs of the society. They shall have all advisory, executive and financial powers to conduct the affairs of the society through its member secretary.
  • rVoting rights to elect the office bearers and become office bearers through voting.
  • rAppoint committees, sub- committees, expert panels, task-force, working or study groups and Boards etc. for such purpose and on such terms as it may deem fit, and to remove any of them.
  • rDiscounts in industry event organized by the association time to time.

Benefits of Non-Voting rights members

  • rUndertaking all activities necessary for fulfillment of the objectives of the association.
  • rDriving Policy and Market Trend: Working closely with Central/State bodies and regulators at all levels for sustainable growth of the distributed solar energy generation.
  • rAccess Market Intelligence: Having access to in-depth and timely information on the latest developments, trends and opportunities in the sector along with sharing of interest and exchange of ideas and creating studies on various issues affecting the sector.
  • rHighlight Commitment to Solar Industry: Engage in professional collaboration with the association to highlight association’s leadership in the sector via strategic member initiative, webinars, media interviews, event speaking, joint white papers.
Category Annual fee
Voting Rights Member INR 2,00,000
Non- Voting Rights Member INR 50,000

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