About DiSPA

Distributed Solar Power Association (DiSPA)

The Distributed Solar Power Association is a PAN India vehicle dynamically promoting the sustainable growth of solar energy. It represents the country’s fast growing solar sector. The association comprises of leading solar power developer, Independent Power Producers, EPC service providers, consultants concentrating on high growth of distributed solar energy.

The primary objective of DiSPA is the multilateral development of distributed solar energy generation and associated verticals. DiSPA works on origination of new ideas and promotion of distributed generation of solar energy. The Association is an active source of information on solar energy’s social & economic benefits for the industry and society.

DiSPA advocates policy development at decision making government level. It promotes an in depth understanding of the industry & its potential through tools such as events, conferences and publications. It represents the overall interests of the renewable energy industry.

The association is actively the source of information on solar energy’s social & economic benefits for the Indian industry.

President's Message

Solar is among the faster growing renewable energy sources in today’s day and age. It is probably also the most competitive in terms of pricing. With the big push from Indian Government along with growing awareness among consumers, Solar energy (especially distributed solar power generation) is forecasted to expand at exponential rate. "As with all fast-growing industries, this sector also comes with it’s unique set of challenges and issues. We, at DSPA, wish to address these challenges. In doing so, we aim to bring Distributed solar power closer to the reach of the consumer.

Our mission to ensure widespread use of Distributed solar power will serve the cause of global warming and climate change and contribute towards nation building. We welcome all opportunities and initiatives from our members as well as supporters that aims to address all issues pertaining to this industry. We also encourage our members to participate in events, discussions and other community building activities in association with DSPA. Through this forum, I urge all of you to contribute in your official capacities to its cause."

Governing Council